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Folders Pack-It Folder 15
Holds up to 7 items: shirts, pants, and jackets
Folders Pack-It Folder 18
Folders Pack-It Folder 20
Eagle Creek
Since the beginning, innovation, durability and craftsmanship have been an integral part of the Eagle Creek's DNA
Holds 8-12 items: shirts, pants, jackets; bulkier garments such as sweaters
Holds 12-15 items: shirts, pants, jackets; bulkier garments such as sweaters
Folders Pack-It Garment Sleeve
Full-length packing solution for larger garments
Cubes Pack-It 2-Sided Cube
Cubes Pack-It 2-Sided Half Cube
Great for separating dirty laundry from clean; jackets, t-shirts, pants, etc
2-way zippered opening
The Pack-It™ System simply fuses form and function to create highly organized packing solutions

Each item from our packing system tackles issues from organization challenges and space maximization, to moisture and odor control, to wrinkle resistance and compartmentaliza-tion
Cubes Pack-It Complete Organizer
Three interior zippered mesh compartments; two half-sized Cubes and one full-sized Cube
Cubes Pack-It Cube
Great for t-shirts, pants, shorts, etc
Cubes Pack-It Double Cube
Mesh top for visibility and breathability
Cubes Pack-It Expandable Cube 
Expandable/compressible zipper to adjust depth
Cubes Pack-It Half Cube
2-way zippered opening
Cubes Pack-It Half Tube Cube
Great for socks, underwear, ties, belts, etc
Cubes Pack-It Mobile Locker
Two-way zippered main compartments
Toiletry Kits Pack-It Quantum Kit 
Molded, water-resistant drop bottom compartment to separate a razor, toothbrush, etc 
Toiletry Kits Pack-It Slim Kit
One zippered pocket, two zippered LinkSeal™ Mesh pouches