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Here are some tips to make your luggage last longer: 

• Never leave the zipper-pulls at the corner of a suitcase. Instead, try leaving them in the middle of the case. Luggage receives more blows to the corners than anywhere else. Your zippers will thank you. 
• Avoid dragging luggage up or down stairs, this wreaks havoc on the handle system and wheels. 
• Don’t load heavy items on top of wheeled cases, causing strain on the handle system while rolling. Instead use the ad-a-bag strap for heavier items and put the lighter items on top. This will also take the load off you and more over the luggage wheels. 
• While zipping around a corner on your luggage, pull away, not in, to get a much smother zip. 
• Don't pick up your trolley using its telescoping handle; always use the top carry handle, corner handle or side handle. 
• Always close all the locks (preferably TSA locks) - open locks could be viewd as a threat and/or cause damage to your luggage. 
• For a small/nominal fee, some airports provide passengers with plastic protective covers for their luggage. These work great for your hard suitcase or trolley and is a good investment in protecting your luggage from scratches and dent damage. 
• If you have to overload your suitcase, it's a good idea to use a suitcase belt. Too much pressure can sometimes cause your suitcase to open up by itself. Also use vacuum space saver bags or Eagle Creek pack-it folders to create more room. 
• Be sure to keep a separate copy of your combination lock number for any luggage case you own. 
• Detach and store all shoulder straps and ad-a-bag clips when checking-in your baggage. If they don’t get lost then they will most likely damage your luggage.